Foundations & Endowments

Trustees of Foundations and Endowments have extremely unique financial planning demands. Liquidity needs are a primary concern to keep up with the 5% rule but the time horizons of the funds are much longer than most individual clients. According to many by-laws, there are restrictions on the types of investments that may be held and corporate governance may require a social responsibility aspect towards their investment programs.

At Cross Country Wealth Management, we work with the Members of the Board and their Trustees to assist with the Investment Policy Statement to ensure we will stay within the confines of their fiduciary responsibility. This IPS serves as a prudent guide and a support document for review sessions. It helps all involved in the decision making process to focus on the mission of the organization, rather than each of the Trustee's individual perspective.

Some other unique challenges facing Trustees of Foundations and Endowments are the constant regulatory changes, need for greater focus on grant-making, too little time spent on investment decision making or keeping with the mission originally intended. To add insult to injury, the investment committee then needs to focus on the particular investment risks, keeping up with fiduciary responsibilities and balancing short-term cash needs with long-term investment strategies.

At Cross Country Wealth Management, we provide a comprehensive investment management strategies designed for your organization that is fee transparent and completely objective. We work hand in hand with your Trustees to shoulder the fiduciary responsibility and customize an investment portfolio that will match the Investment Policy and Spending Policy of your organization. We work with your organization to keep it a success by assisting with your donor relationships or providing educational seminars on your behalf for planned giving opportunities or charitable gift annuities.

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